French/Spanish/Hebrew/ESL Tutor


Cheryl offers after school hours for private or semi-private tutoring for elementary through high school students. Need to improve your current grade before the final? Or if you just want to really understand the world language process of assimilation of grammar. Sessions are tailored for improvement on conversation, grammar or can coincide with current school curriculum. She offers after-school language groups in French and Spanish, private home-schooling curriculum, as well as Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring for pre-teens and adults.

Cheryl has been tutoring students in the seacoast since 1992, helping students in Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian and ESL. Board certified in Spanish and French. For more information contact Cheryl at  cberman1953@gmail.com



Karen Zhussanbay, ESL Instructor – Super Thinking Plus Spanish Teacher

Karen is a native of Massachusetts and currently lives in Maryland. She is inquisitive of many areas and loves learning!  As a young girl, her family purchased National Geographic magazine, and she anxiously waited for each new issue to arrive.  Karen was mesmerized by the variety of people, places and things that were portrayed in the realistic, colorful, crisp pictures in this publication!  This was the initial spark for her understanding that there is “more to life than what meets the eye.”

Karen worked for a few years after high school and went on to obtain a college degree.  As the child of a middle-class family, she was the only member to achieve this goal, but not without accumulating college debt!  In order to cover these expenses, Karen looked at her alternatives and opted to join the Reserve Officers Training Corps, or ROTC, during her last two years of college.  Upon graduation, she immediately went on Active Duty with the U.S. Army.  At that period in the history of the U.S. Army, approximately 90% of the military was comprised of men; the remaining 10% were women.

She enjoyed the teamwork, camaraderie, professionalism and opportunity to see the world. This turned into a 20+ year career, during which she travelled extensively in the United States, Europe and the Former Soviet Union.  She met and worked with people from all walks of life.

Although she didn’t know the experience would be life changing, Karen was assigned to work in the area of Humanitarian Assistance, providing medical supplies and equipment to several states of the Former Soviet Union.  She found it to be extremely satisfying, working directly with those in need.  Karen felt fully aligned in this unique work.  Even after discovering that intuition and observation of others went a long way to help the language barriers she experienced, there were important details that only knowledge of the language could deliver.

One day while searching the internet, Karen found Gary and Merri Scott and was introduced to their courses and knowledge.  After reading about Merri’s education with Dr. Georgi Lozanov, Karen was convinced she wanted to help share this method of teaching with others.  After attending a Super Thinking Plus Spanish course, she discovered true learning:  learning in a fun environment, with laughter and relaxation, that created a foundation upon which you can only build and build!  Karen was grateful when Gary and Merri offered the Full Mode Teacher Training program, and immediately signed up.

This training is fun, new and cutting edge, and provides Karen an opportunity to help others advance and expand their own boundaries in ways that many have yet to discover.  As a continuous learner herself, it is her highest honor to support others in achieving their goal of learning Spanish in an unforgettable way:  by creating the foundation upon which one can only grow and grow!