Teacher/Student Workshops

Need something new to get students pumped up about world cultures? Want to bring the culture rich nations around the world into your classroom? These unique HANDS – ON workshops can be offered to your World Language Dept. Staff or Cheryl will bring the workshops to your students right in their classroom.

Native Arts & Crafts from French and Spanish speaking countries around the world are not only fun but educational and can be integrated into your curriculum. These workshops will also connect to the National and/or State of NH Standards Guidelines for Language Learners K-16.

Cheryl has presented many of these workshops throughout New England. Through her travels and research, Cheryl has developed a presentation of these arts and crafts that truly bring the culture of many nations right to your doorstep. Connecting to many specific curriculum units, students are interested, active and walk away with a better understanding of many foreign cultures that connect to the World Language they are studying.

Cheryl presented a sample of this workshop at the Northeast (NECTFL)2002 Conference in Washington, DC. In spring 2005 Cheryl presented a 3 hour cultural arts workshop at the NECTFL Conference in New York City, NY for which she was selected by proposal entry.

Workshops generally run 2-3 hours. Students and teachers keep all samples made and will also receive a materials and costs list for each art/craft presented. Standards included in each activity will also be discussed.