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Dear Colleagues:

The “Follow the FLES Child” linguafolio was created in 2007. This project was supported by the Northeast Conference for Teachers of Foreign Languages through the Mead Fellows Award. The objectives of this document are three-fold. One: It is a World Language progress document that is child friendly from pages 1-9. Two: It is designed to aid future teachers to understand the students’ history of World Language study. Three: It acts as a clear communication path from one teacher to the next upon completion of elementary school and stepping into middle school.

This document is not copyrighted. Any teacher or district using it may add and/or delete and adjust it so it best serves their school and /or district. This document can be easily adapted for electronic documentation if you prefer.

This document is now in place in SAU 50 (2 of 5 schools) and is available for download on the NHAWLT website (www.nhawlt.org) The NH Dept of Education is reviewing the document for download availability as well.

My personal experience with the document has been very successful. Students participate in filling it out twice a year, January and May. It appears best suited to start the linguafolio with third graders. K,1,2 is more time consuming and the student piece is a bit more challenging. Students in grades 3-6 look forward to filling it in and set personal goals for the next time it is worked on.

When a class graduates, the current teacher fills out the teacher competency pages. Once the middle school language teacher has familiarized herself with the document, she may detach pages 10-14 for her records.

The student pages (1-9) may be handed back to the student as a personal record of their language skills and accomplishments in elementary school.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or comments on this document.

It is a young document and revisions are always welcomed.


Cheryl P Berman

NH certified French/Spanish EdID# 69675

Private Hebrew and Greek tutor



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