About Cheryl

A New Hampshire native, Cheryl began her World Language journey at a very young age. Being the granddaughter of 1st generation immigrants, Cheryl had the fortunate opportunity to be raised in a tri-lingual home with French and Greek being her 2nd and 3rd languages.

During her secondary school years she studied French, Spanish and Latin, eventually earning her B.A. in Spanish from the University of New Hampshire. She later continued her French studies in the 90’s also at the University and attended Rutgers Summer at the Louvre Graduate program in 2007.

From 1979-1987 Cheryl was the proprietor and artistic director of Studio 139 Ballet School in Portsmouth, NH. Ballet has been a lifelong passion and she has taught Ballet in the seacoast since 1978. She closed her studio to start a family and returned to part-time teaching at several ballet schools throughout the seacoast after her two children were school age.

As her family grew Cheryl decided to return to her language skills as a teacher. Children are another passion of hers and FLES (foreign language in the elementary schools) has become a focus of her educational course work. Cheryl has taught French and Spanish in the seacoast since 1990. She continues to further her education through a variety of course work.

Cheryl’s interest in languages prompted her to learn Hebrew on her own. Then in 1991 she began training in biblical Hebrew and cantorial studies with Rabbi David H. Mark, Temple Israel, Portsmouth, NH. Today she provides tutorials for pre-Bar/Bat Mitzvah students both privately and through Temple Israel, Portsmouth,NH.

Recognized in the seacoast for her Hands-on ingenuity in the classroom, Cheryl has designed her own teaching curriculum for the FLES programs in New Castle and Newington, NH. As a member of the New Hampshire Association of World Language Teachers, she also presents workshops locally and nationally for teachers interested in bringing more native culture to their classrooms. In 2002 she was awarded “Best of State, NH” at the annual NHAWLT Conference. She went on to present this award-winning workshop in Washington, D.C. at NECTFL (Northeast Conference of Teachers of Foreign Language) where she was again honored with a 2nd runner-up award for her presentation.

In 2007 Cheryl was honored with the NECTFL Mead Fellows Award for a project to develop a FLES Linguafolio which is now supported by seacoast SAU 50. Cheryl was elected to the NECTFL Board of Directors in April 2009 serving a four-year term. She is the New Hampshire State representative for NNELL (National Network for Early Language Learners).

Cheryl was honored with the 2012 Teacher of Excellence Award from the New Hampshire Association of World Language Teachers and the New Hampshire Education Awards (“ED”ies) as World Language Teacher of the Year 2013!

Cheryl welcomes visitors to her classroom anytime. “ I am always willing to and enthusiastic about sharing my passion and ideas to all World Language Educators.”